No GUI? No Problem! How to Quickly Browse the Web in your Linux Terminal

There’s no shortage of cool things you can do right from within your Linux terminal, but did you know you can browse web pages from the command line? While browsing web pages in your terminal won’t look exactly the same as it does in a proper browser, it can be very useful in a pinch. In this video, Jay will show you two ways of browsing the interwebs from your Linux terminal.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 78 – Mirai: The Untold Story

The Mirai botnet brought the entirety of the internet to its breaking point back in 2016, taking down many prominent web sites. Now, an article from Wired has emerged that reveals the full story behind the scenes – how the threat actors got started, how the events played out, as well as what they’re up to these days. Join Jay and Joao as they discuss this very interesting story!

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The Homelab Show Episode 112 – Open Source Home Lab Security

Security is a very important topic, even in the world of homelab. The idea is simple – you need access to your servers, but you want to ensure only those that are authorized can get in. In this episode, Jay and Tom discuss some tips and strategies around security.

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Kasm Workspaces Simplified: The Essential Guide for New Users

Kasm Workspaces, dubbed “the container streaming platform” enables you to run applications and even entire Linux distributions inside your web browser. This container-based solution can be self-hosted on your own hardware, and its feature set unlocks more potential for homelabs and enterprise alike. In this video, Jay will present an entire getting started guide for Kasm Workspaces, which will cover how to deploy it, manage individual workspaces, and more!

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Please note: This video is sponsored by Kasm, but it is NOT a review. This video is a tutorial for those that have already decided to deploy Kasm Workspaces. If you’d like Jay’s opinion on Kasm Workspaces as a product, check out this review which is NOT sponsored by Kasm.


How I Set Up the Sway Window Manager on Debian 12

Recently, I mentioned that I was switching each of my Linux installs to Debian. But what does that mean for my laptops and desktops? In this video, I’ll show you the Sway window manager implementation I’ve been working on, and where it stands as of now. Plus, I’ll show you how you can set this up for yourself!

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 77 – Security News Sync

In this episode, Jay and Joao catch up on recent stories. Among the topics they’ll discuss another version of CentOS going end of life (and why upgrading isn’t so straight-forward), the recent curl vulnerability, and more!

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Vim Editing Essentials (Episode 6) – Tips, Tricks and How to Configure Vim

Welcome to the brand new Vim series! In this course, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to know in order to become productive with Vim, a popular UNIX/Linux text editor. You’ll learn how to install it, how to use it, and some quality of life tips to increase your skills. In this episode, you’ll learn some additional tricks to help you level up your Vim skillset.

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