Linux Essentials: The Complete Certification Workshop

By achieving your Linux Essentials certification, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities, and level up your career. And with this course as your guide, you’ll benefit from easy to understand examples, broken down in a way that will make even the most challenging topic seem simple.

In this 23-video course, you’ll be introduced to this world one lesson at a time, reinforced with hands-on activities to make sure what you learn sticks. You’ll learn about Linux distributions, the command line, installing and removing packages, managing users and groups, file and directory permissions, popular open source applications, and much more.

Each lesson is presented with state of the art 4K video production and helpful visual cues to help guide your learning. By the end of the course, you’ll have learned all you need to start your Linux journey.

Check out this course, learn Linux, and pass your exam!

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