Getting Started with Ansible: Automation Made Easy

With our ever-evolving landscape, System Administration has never been more complicated. With some organizations having hundreds (or even thousands) of servers to manage, IT personnel definitely have their work cut out for them! Automation is the answer, and with this course you’ll learn the most powerful automation tool available: Ansible! Check out the course here.

With this 20 episode course as your guide, you’ll learn all the core concepts – including writing playbooks, creating roles, refactoring and consolidating plays, encrypting and decrypting files, dealing with mixed environments and more!

Best of all, you’ll be learning Ansible from an industry professional with over two decades of experience, which includes working knowledge of Ansible and its best practices. Check out Learn Linux TV’s Ansible course, and start automating today!

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Check out Jay’s new course on Ansible and start automating today!

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