Creative Control

First and foremost, LearnLinuxTV retains 100% full creative control over each and every video, article, book, and blog post. This means:

No company is able to purchase preferential treatment of any kind. All content (even content that is sponsored) is presented without bias.

  • Content is provided without bias toward the well-being of any company or product
  • No company is able to purchase preferential treatment of any kind
  • If an external company or agency requests a review, they are not allowed to view the video before the general public
  • An external company is not allowed to hold LearnLinuxTV accountable for resulting feedback (good or bad)
  • LearnLinuxTV reserves the right to refuse involvement with any product or company for any reason (or even no reason)

Types of Revenue

LearnLinuxTV provides educational, informative, and fun content centered around Linux and related subject matter. There is a significant cost attached to producing such content, in addition to the cost of running a business in general. LearnLinuxTV utilizes sponsored content and affiliate links with commission attached in order to fund the company. This page provides detail on the company’s stance in terms of content ethics, especially when it comes to content that returns profit.


All sponsorships, whether for an ad within a video or a dedicated video, must adhere to content guidelines and be of value to the audience. LearnLinuxTV considers sponsorships only for companies and products that are deemed to be of actual value to the audience. In addition, the company or product that is in the center of the sponsorship must be directly related to the main subject matter of the company. Meaning, all content that is produced (either sponsored or not) must relate to Linux. For example, a software product that is only compatible with Microsoft Windows will not be considered.

For a company or outside agency to sponsor a video, the following requirements and guidelines are in place:

  • LearnLinuxTV reserves the right to refuse sponsorship with any company or outside agency for any reason
  • The product or service must be related to Linux
  • If the product is a piece of software, it must be compatible with Linux
  • The company’s product or service must either be in use by LearnLinuxTV, or the product that LearnLinuxTV would’ve chosen for that use-case

In addition, if the product or service mentioned in an ad or dedicated video suffers a major data breach, data leakage, or results in any societal harm (or any other wide-scale negative event) all ads and recommendations for that company and/or its products will be removed from the videos/blog posts/articles/website without any compensation or refunds being owed to the outside agency by LearnLinuxTV.

Product Reviews

As part of its content in videos and related websites, LearnLinuxTV presents affiliate links to the public in order to help pay for the high-cost of producing content. Such affiliate links may come in the form of (but aren’t limited to) URLs mentioned within videos, links in video descriptions, and buttons/links within associated web sites. LearnLinuxTV only utilizes affiliate links and commission sources that are related to Linux and are believed to offer a legitimate value to the audience of the company. LearnLinuxTV will not endorse or support a product that is outside the scope or known to be of negative value. The same requirements mentioned above in the “Sponsors” section also apply to affiliate links and commission-based services as well.

Affiliates and Commission-based Services

As part of its growing catalog of Linux-related content, LearnLinuxTV produces review videos for things such as software, services, and hardware. Such reviews originate either from within LearnLinuxTV, or by request of a third party.

All companies that request a review and/pr provide review units to LearnLinuxTV agree that they do so at their own risk. All video reviews and articles that center around a company or product will be unbiased. If any flaws in the service or product are observed, the content will reflect such findings. Companies that request a review of a service or product agree to not hold LearnLinuxTV liable for any damages that may result from the publishing of content centered around the reviewed topic.

In addition, when LearnLinuxTV decides to review a service or product (even if not requested by a company or third-party) the same guidelines still apply.

Video Ad Revenue

In YouTube videos produced by LearnLinuxTV, as well as any service that hosts or displays videos produced by LearnLinuxTV, in-video ads are often displayed. These ads result in ad-revenue that helps support the company. However, LearnLinuxTV has no direct control over the content of such ads, and will not be held liable for any negative reaction or result from such ads. Complaints or concerns regarding ads that may display during videos should be directed toward the company that inserted the ad. LearnLinuxTV has no visibility whatsoever when it comes to the types of ads that may be seen by the viewer while watching content that includes ads from any ad-revenue networks and services.

Content Liability

Among its content types, LearnLinuxTV produces instructional and educational content centered around technology and Linux. The company prides itself on providing factual and truthful content to viewers and customers in hopes that it will provide educational or entertainment value. Such content is created in good faith that it will help the viewer learn or improve a skill, or be of informational value. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to test every potential outcome or edge-case of any instructions or processes portrayed within the content. Therefore, LearnLinuxTV is not responsible for any damages that could occur while consuming such content. This includes, but is not limited to, data loss, service outage, data leakage, or any other harm real or implied.

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