Transferring files with the scp Command (Linux Crash Course Series)

The Linux Crash Course Series – Teaching you a valuable Linux command/skill/topic one video at a time! This time around, our journey takes us to the Secure Copy (scp) command, which you can use to copy files from one Linux instance to another via SSH. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to get started with scp so don’t miss this video!

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This 19″ 3U Raspberry Pi Rack Mount is Good (Enough)

I wanted to test out a rack mount for Raspberry Pi clusters, and that search brought me to the 19″ 3U Rack Mount made by GeeekPi. So, as always, I decided to give you guys my thoughts. It’s not going to win any style awards, but it DOES rack 14 Raspberry Pi’s. Check out this review for more.

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Check out the 19″ 3U Pi Rack Mount here (affiliate link).

The Homelab Show Episode 99 – Secondary Distro

What would you do if your daily driver distribution becomes something else entirely, and no longer fits your use-case? What would you do if your chosen distro all of a sudden went away? Although it seems unlikely, historically – this has happened. And given the fact that the Linux community is going to see a lot of changes in the near future with decisions from upstream distros – it’s never been a better time to choose a secondary distro (just in case).

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Demystifying the Top Command in Linux | Linux Crash Course Series

Welcome to another episode of the “Linux Crash Course” series! In this installment, we delve into the top command in Linux. With hands-on examples, we’ll demystify the top command, explaining its various options and parameters in a beginner-friendly manner. Learn how to monitor system resources, view running processes, and gain insights into system performance in real-time. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a solid grasp of using the top command to optimize your Linux system. Subscribe now for more Linux Crash Course tutorials and empower yourself with Linux knowledge!

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 66 – Job Security

In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss another form of security, job security! Throughout the series, we’ve advised and educated on enhancing the security of your enterprise network, but in this episode the focus is on YOU. Specifically, how to safeguard yourself from turnover, raise awareness of your importance to your organization, and how to navigate potential “awkward” conversations that System Administrators may find themselves having with their boss. Don’t miss this episode!

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