How You Can Easily Swap Linux Kernels with Ubuntu Mainline

Did you know that Ubuntu users have access to a repository containing alternative Linux kernels? With Ubuntu’s “Mainline” kernels (and matching app) you can easily start hopping kernels almost as often as you hop distros.

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Review: GNOME 44 is a Great Release (Mostly)

GNOME 44, the latest release of the popular desktop environment for Linux, was released recently. As always, Learn Linux TV has a full review so you can check out all of its new features. It’s a great release, although one feature in particular completely missed its mark.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 60 – AI Enhanced Security

When it comes to Enterprise IT (and especially the security sector) we have our work cut out for us. As the workload increases, we look for tools and utilities to help us keep up with the demand. But what about artificial intelligence? As we discussed in a previous episode, AI is here to stay and will be making waves in security. In this episode, Jay and Joao dive in to just a few of the ways this tech might transform the security field and those that work within it (directly or indirectly).

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