Linux Crash Course – Understanding Logging

The Linux Crash Course is a series of tutorials that will teach you a fundamental Linux-related concept in each episode. This time around, the spotlight is on logging. In this video, you’ll see some examples of log files that exist in Fedora as well as Ubuntu.

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I wrote an Entire Book with Free and Open-Source Software

LibreOffice, an office suite from the Document Foundation contains all the features you’d expect in an office suite, including (but not limited to) the ability to create text, spreadsheet, and presentation documents. So why aren’t more people using it? In this video, Jay discusses some of the unreasonable stigma LibreOffice suffers from. Is LibreOffice inferior to Microsoft Office? Well, Jay wrote an entire book with LibreOffice – and naturally, has some thoughts!

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The Best Method for Building a Custom Firefox Install on Linux

Firefox is the default browser on most desktop distributions of Linux, but sometimes we may not get updates from our maintainer as fast as we’d like. In other cases, we may not like how our distro packages Firefox. In this video, Jay will show you a method of implementing a custom Firefox installation that will be 100% under your control, and you’ll get updates directly from Mozilla!

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Mastering Ubuntu Server (4th Edition) is Now Available!

The latest edition of the popular Ubuntu Server book is available for purchase right now!

This new edition covers Ubuntu Server 22.04, and includes many great examples and projects to help you learn Ubuntu Server fast and with minimal effort. Also included are reference videos at the end of most chapters, that will lead you to video examples that will further reinforce what you learn. While reading this book, you’ll set up your own servers, clusters, networks, and more! Check out the official mini-site for the book here, which includes links to various places you can order it from.