Complete Walkthrough: Setting Up Ubuntu 23.10 on Your PC

For anyone looking to install Ubuntu on their PC, this guide will you through the process in Ubuntu 23.10. This video will spotlight the new installer, and walk you through the process of navigating the entire installation process.

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The Linux Crash Course – What are “snap” Packages?

Linux packaging has no shortage of controversy, and snap packages are no exception to that. But why are snap packages so controversial? What do they give us that standard packages don’t? In this video, Jay goes over the basics of snap packages.

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Ubuntu 23.04 Full Review – An Attempt was Made

Ubuntu 23.04, codenamed the “Lunar Lobster” is here, and along with it comes Linux kernel 6.2 and GNOME 44. While it’s certainly nice to be able to check out the latest GNOME desktop, this release instead ends up being a good example of why non-LTS Ubuntu releases should generally be avoided.

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How You Can Easily Swap Linux Kernels with Ubuntu Mainline

Did you know that Ubuntu users have access to a repository containing alternative Linux kernels? With Ubuntu’s “Mainline” kernels (and matching app) you can easily start hopping kernels almost as often as you hop distros.

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New Linux Distro: The “Flatpak Remix” of Ubuntu!

A great deal of controversy was created when the recent news came out regarding Canonical forcing flavor leads to abandon Flatpak, with many feeling that the decision was in poor taste. That doesn’t matter anymore though, because now a “Flatpak Remix” was created, that gives Flatpak fans their own “spin” on Ubuntu. In this video, Jay discusses the distribution and why he decided to create it.

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Check out the new distro right here.
Note: The Github repo hasn’t been set up yet, but will be available in the near future.

Ubuntu Book Authors Live Stream Q & A

This Wednesday, February 15th at 3:00pm EST, Ubuntu book authors Jay LaCroix and Nathan Haines will be join a live stream to chat about their books, and also answer questions. You definitely won’t want to miss this! This session is open to the general public, and no registration (aside from a YouTube account) is required.

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In addition, there’s going to be a Member/Patron-specific second session right afterwards, at 4:00pm EST. If you’re not already a Patron or Channel member, sign up here.

See you there!

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How to Deploy Your Own Gitlab Community Edition Instance with Ubuntu on Linode

If you’re looking for a web app or service to assist with keeping track of all your source code, then Gitlab is definitely something you should consider. Gitlab is more than just a front-end to Git, it actually contains quite a few features to empower software development. In this video, Jay will walk you through setting up your very own Gitlab server with Ubuntu on Linode.

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