Raspberry Pi 5 – What’s New? New Features and Capabilities Explored

The Raspberry Pi is a beloved tiny computer that has revolutionized DIY computing, education, and hobbyist projects around the globe. If you’re curious what the Raspberry Pi Foundation has in store with their new release, you’re in the right place! In this video, we dive deep into the Raspberry Pi 5, exploring all its new features, upgrades, and capabilities that set it apart from its predecessors.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 82 – In the Name of the Law

When a threat actor breaks into a router and adds firewall rules that the owner didn’t approve of, that’s considered hacking. But when the FBI does it… …it isn’t?! In this episode Jay and Joao discuss a recent story where the FBI did exactly that, and they’ll also discuss how Microsoft has become the biggest “face palm” discussed on the podcast so far.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 81 – The VMware Graveyard

Here we are, yet again, with an industry problem caused by the decision of just one software vendor. This time it’s VMware that’s causing a ruckus. In recent news, it’s been reported that VMware will be killing off 56 (yes, 56) of their stand-alone products, and that’s on top of the news that broke late last year regarding changes in their licensing model. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss these recent VMware-related shenanigans.

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Thanks to TuxCare for sponsoring the Enterprise Linux Security podcast. Check out their awesome services to see how they can simplify Linux administration!

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How to Install Arch Linux: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

Arch Linux is one of the best rolling-release distributions around, but sometimes it can be a challenge to install. In this video, Jay will walk you through not one but TWO methods of installing Arch Linux. The first method will feature arch-install, which is geared more toward beginners. During the second half of the video, Jay will walk you through the manual method – which is perfect for control freaks (you know who you are).

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Hands On: The HL15 Homelab Server from 45Homelab

45Homelab, a brand-new division of 45Drives, has just released a new server – one that’s specifically built for use in your homelab! The goal of the HL15 is to offer the self-hosting community a server/chassis that mirrors that quality you’d typically find in enterprise data centers. In this video, Jay will give you his first thoughts after having some time to check it out.

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What’s New in ThinLinc? A Discussion with Pierre Ossman from Cendio

ThinLinc, which was covered on this channel before, is software that enables you to remotely access your infrastructure, or even set up an entire terminal server. In this video, Jay and Pierre discuss the latest release of the software, which includes new branding, new features, and much more!

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