Recovering Files from your PC (using Linux)

nning a distribution of Linux on your laptop or desktop is a lot of fun, but that’s not all Linux can do. Using the “live mode” of a distribution can assist you with recovering data from a PC that won’t boot. In this video, Jay shows the process of booting a distribution in live mode to assist in the process of recovering files. As long as your hard disk hasn’t totally failed, this process will enable you to copy its data to an external USB drive.

Windows 11 Reviewed (by a Linux Guy)

With Windows 11 having been recently released, I figured it would be fun to review it from a Linux-users point of view. In this video, I’ll give you my overall thoughts about Microsoft’s latest OS, and I’ll even show a Linux app running on it by the end.

How to Dual-Boot Windows 11 & Ubuntu

With Windows 11 having been recently released, I decided to refresh my dual-boot video for Ubuntu. In this video, I’ll go over the process of setting up a dual-boot between Windows 11 and Ubuntu, so that way by the end of the video you’ll have both platforms set up and ready to go.

Launching a Windows VM in Proxmox

The process of launching a Windows virtual machine on Proxmox is a bit more involved when compared to launching a Linux VM, but in this video, I’ll go over the entire process to make it easy. Follow along with me, and you’ll have your own Windows VM running on Proxmox. This method covers both Windows 10 and Windows Server. This video is a supplemental video for the Proxmox Full Course series, as well as a standalone video.

Setting up a Windows to Linux Game Streaming Server

There are many tweaks, hacks, and work-arounds for forcing Windows games to run on Linux. In this video, I’ll add another potential option to the list – a game streaming server! Streaming games isn’t necessarily a new idea, but in this video, I’ll show off a server build that I set up recently that allows me to stream Windows games to my Linux PCs. And who knows, another YouTuber might also make an appearance!