Fedora Workstation 39 – The Most Boring Release Ever – and it’s Great!

Fedora celebrates 20 years in November of 2023, and just a day shy of that amazing milestone version 39 has been released. Fedora 39 features the GNOME 45 desktop, and not much else. In fact, it’s quite boring. But you know what? With this release, that’s a great thing! In this quick review, Jay will take a look at Fedora 39.

Linux Crash Course – What is a “Distribution” of Linux?

What exactly is a “distribution” of Linux and why are there so many? In this video, new Linux users will discover what exactly makes up a distro. In addition, a few example Linux distributions are shown, such as Fedora, Ubuntu, and a few more.

Fedora 36 is a great GNOME Distro! (Full Review)

I run Fedora! With the gaining popularity of this awesome Linux distro, version 36 is the next stop in its plan for world domination! Okay, maybe that’s a bit too dramatic – Fedora may not be taking over the world, but it is taking the Linux world by storm lately! The May 2022 release of Fedora features GNOME 42, version 5.17 of the Linux kernel, and a tightly integrated GNOME experience. Check out the LearnLinuxTV review of Fedora 36 to see what’s new this time around!

Linux Servers: Which Distro should you use?!

In the Linux community, there’s constant debate about which distribution is best for your desktop. However, there’s not as much discussion regarding Linux distros for your server. There are many good options for your Linux server project, and in this video Jay discusses his top 6 choices.