The JingPad A1 Linux Tablet, Full Review!

The final version of the JingPad A1 has arrived at the LearnLinuxTV studio, and I’ll give you my thoughts on the finished product. The JingPad A1 claims to be the first consumer-ready Linux tablet, and I put it to the test in this video.

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The JingPad A1 – Hands-on Preview!

JingLing sent a development version of their new JingPad A1 tablet to the LearnLinuxTV studio, and in this video I’ll give you my thoughts. Since this is a preview unit and not the final version, I will not give you my final opinion in this video. Instead, I’ll go over my first impressions of this new Linux tablet. Stay tuned to the channel for a full review as soon as the final version of the JingPad is released – and I’ll give you an even more in-depth look!

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Check out the JingPad A1 here.

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