Networking with ZeroTier: Creating software-defined networks with Ease

In this video, ZeroTier is introduced. ZeroTier allows you to easily configure software-defined networks, and communicate between devices regardless of their location.

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Set up account

Create an account at the ZeroTier website, which is required in order to use ZeroTier. Fill out the fields, and then create a network (as was shown in the video). You’ll need a NetworkID to continue, which is provided after you create a network within the ZeroTier dashboard.

Install ZeroTier

To use ZeroTier, you’ll need to install the agent on each machine.

curl -s | sudo bash

Join a network

After the software is installed, you can join a node to the network by running:

sudo zerotier-cli join <network id>

Inside the ZeroTier dashboard, you’ll need to accept the new node before it will start utilizing the service and get an IP. After you add the new node, you should see a new network interface and it should have an IP address assigned to it:

ip addr show

Leaving the network

If you’d like to remove a node from a ZeroTier network, run the following command:

sudo zerotier-cli leave <network id>

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