My new Ubuntu Server Administration series is now Live!

I’m super excited to announce that my new series, Ubuntu Server Administration, is starting to upload to Youtube. The first 4 videos of 18 are available today, and new videos will be uploaded twice weekly until they’re all available. This is my favorite tutorial series yet, I’ve been working very hard on these and I hope you all like them.

The focus this time around is creating on showing you how to create Internet-facing servers that actually serve useful applications, but there will also be theory-oriented videos in between. You’ll learn how to set up cloud servers, add DNS, install applications, set up a back-end database, and more!

Notable Replies

  1. Now I understand why Level1Techs stopped using this buggy system notifications for youtube videos.

  2. Exactly what I meant… even if these were recent of up to date, just clutter the forum. It’s just a bad experience overall.

  3. I flagged the post for Jay to have a look at - maybe the notifications could be tweaked a bit…

  4. I’ll leave a link to this thread I created a couple of months ago: New thread per video?

    In short, I think this mechanism only helps to clutter the forums and discourages new members from participating, as it gives the illusion of being more like a ‘video listing’ than anything else.

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