Enterprise Linux Security Episode 82 – In the Name of the Law

When a threat actor breaks into a router and adds firewall rules that the owner didn’t approve of, that’s considered hacking. But when the FBI does it… …it isn’t?! In this episode Jay and Joao discuss a recent story where the FBI did exactly that, and they’ll also discuss how Microsoft has become the biggest “face palm” discussed on the podcast so far.

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 78 – Mirai: The Untold Story

The Mirai botnet brought the entirety of the internet to its breaking point back in 2016, taking down many prominent web sites. Now, an article from Wired has emerged that reveals the full story behind the scenes – how the threat actors got started, how the events played out, as well as what they’re up to these days. Join Jay and Joao as they discuss this very interesting story!

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 75 – RepoJacking

We’ve talked about Supply Chain Attacks on this podcast before, and in this episode Jay and Joao discuss another form of this popular attack vector – RepoJacking! RepoJacking occurs when a repository (such as one hosted on Github) changes information, and due to a link between the old repository info and the new – threat actors can take advantage of this. Join Jay and Joao for a discussion on this attack vector.

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 74 – Unlucky in Vegas

There’s a multitude of ways you can lose money in Las Vegas, but this time it’s not from gambling. In this episode, Jay and Joao will discuss a recent and still developing story where MGM was the target of what appears to be a ransomware attack.