5 Easy Tweaks to increase your Linux Server’s Security

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  1. Jay,
    This was a fantastic video. Got into the weeds just enough for my intermediate Linux level. And Im doing it all on my new home server. Currently Debian with a desktop. Do you thing Alma Linux or the ther CentOS replacement or Debian is the way to go before I really start tweaking things?

  2. Hello Jay,

    I have a question that perhaps you can answer.

    In Windows, there are lists of LOLBins (living-off-the-land) binaries and vulnerable file types (e.g. file extensions that are heavily abused to infect systems such as script file types).

    I searched all over the net. I know about Unix LOLBins (they’re called GTFOBins):


    However, I can find not a single list or article that discusses vulnerable or potentially malicious file types on UNIX.

    An Example of vulnerable file types for Windows is what Microsoft blocks in their Office and Outlook products:

    Blocked attachments in Outlook - Outlook (microsoft.com)

    Do you happen to know of any Linux\UNIX list of vulnerable file types ?


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