The Launch Heavy Configurable Keyboard from System76 – Hands-on Review!

System76, a company that focuses on Linux-first computers, designs keyboards now. The Launch Keyboard “launched” some time ago, and for some of you the lack of a numpad was a concern. Now, the “Heavy” variation of the Launch mechanical keyboard is available – and yes, it’s a full keyboard complete with a numpad. In this video, Jay will give you his thoughts on the latest input device from System76.

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Check out the Launch Keyboard lineup here (no commission earned).

Notable Replies

  1. I would be a lot more inclined to get one of those keyboards if they just moved the function keys to two columns on the left side where they are supposed to reside. I have bought several Northgate OminiKey 102 keyboards over the years, as they are my personal favorite of all keyboards. But, to each his own. Keep in mind I started my computing adventure on a 64K IBM pc with a very low serial number.

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