Enterprise Linux Security Episode 29 – High Level Threats

In this episode, Jay and Joao unpack some recent news around the BVP47 vulnerability, and some very interesting details around it and how it came to be. This is one of those “spy thriller” type episodes, so don’t miss it!

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Linux Essentials – The dnf Command

There’s a handful of popular package managers that are used on various Linux distributions, and dnf is among the most popular. It’s the default package manager on distros such as Red Hat, CentOS, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Fedora, among others. In this video, we’ll explore the dnf command and see examples of basic usage.

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Building your own Git Server with Gitea on AlmaLinux

Gitea is a self-hosted git server you can run on your Linux rig, enabling you to be in full control of hosting your own repositories. In this video, the process of setting up Gitea is shown on an AlmaLinux server. You’ll see the process of setting up the server, installing Gitea, and even making your first commit to a repository that’s being hosted on your new server.

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Continue reading for an overview of the commands that were used in this video.

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