Enterprise Linux Security Episode 28 – Second Factor Authentication

Through the course of the podcast so far, Jay and Joao have discussed foundational topics, as well as news and current trends. In this episode, second factor authentication is discussed. This foundational episode will go over what it is, why you should use it, and also some of the things that can potentially weaken its benefit.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 24 – The Latest on Lapsus$

The situation surrounding Lapsus$ is becoming more and more interesting, and in this episode of Enterprise Linux Security Jay and Joao discuss the latest developments regarding the group that has caused quite a ruckus recently.

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Proxmox VE Full Course: Class 15 – Clustering

Setting up a Proxmox VE cluster enables you to benefit from multiple servers to share load between, and also gives you access to live migration. In this video, we’ll create our very own cluster and add two additional Proxmox VE servers.

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