Enterprise Linux Security Episode 24 – The Latest on Lapsus$

The situation surrounding Lapsus$ is becoming more and more interesting, and in this episode of Enterprise Linux Security Jay and Joao discuss the latest developments regarding the group that has caused quite a ruckus recently.

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Notable Replies

  1. Everyone always says “Linux/Unix is the most secure operating system”. What an operating system can’t do, is control the person at the keyboard. They, “We”, are are a very weak link in the SecOps chain. There are countless examples of how “people” are exploited for gain.

    This is scary stuff, as it’s not just about source code of multi-billion dollar company’s, is has the potential to destroy anyone’s life that has ever done business with such company’s if the right Auth, and Access. is gained.

  2. Avatar for jay jay says:

    Very true. Sometimes, the fact that software is open-source is more of a first level requirement than anything else.

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