Bash Scripting on Linux (The Complete Guide) Class 17 – Backup Script

Backups – the most critical function of computing that virtually everyone ignores until they learn the hard way that they should’ve taken it more seriously. Don’t be that kind of person! You really should start taking backups seriously – so why not check out episode 17 of LearnLinuxTV’s Bash Scripting guide and learn how to back up files using a Bash Script? In fact, this is a fun video that you won’t want to miss.

The Homelab Show Episode 37: Proxmox Backups

olution. In this episode, Jay and Tom talk about Proxmox Backup Server, which is a stand-alone backup utility that also integrates very well with Proxmox Virtual Environment.

Proxmox Backup Server: Full Getting Started Guide!

Proxmox Backup Server is a custom Linux distro that you can run on your server to have it serve as a backup endpoint. It integrates quickly and easily with Proxmox Virtual Environment, making it a great solution to back up your virtual machines and containers. In addition to that, it can also be used to store non-VM backups too, so running Proxmox Virtual Environment is NOT a requirement. In this video, I’ll teach you everything you need in order to get started with Proxmox Backup Server.