Kasm Workspaces: Your Solution for Remote Desktops? Full Review!

Kasm Workspaces is dubbed as the “Container Streaming Platform”, and it gives you the ability to quickly launch containers (dubbed “Workspaces”) that can consist of applications and even entire Linux distributions – all from within your web browser. In this video, Jay will give you his thoughts on Kasm Workspaces.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 75 – RepoJacking

We’ve talked about Supply Chain Attacks on this podcast before, and in this episode Jay and Joao discuss another form of this popular attack vector – RepoJacking! RepoJacking occurs when a repository (such as one hosted on Github) changes information, and due to a link between the old repository info and the new – threat actors can take advantage of this. Join Jay and Joao for a discussion on this attack vector.

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A Hidden Gem of a Linux Distro – Crunchbang++ 12 is Out!

Recently, Jay had a chance to check out the latest version of Crunchbang++, a lightweight Linux distribution based on Debian. Version 12 sees the distro rebase on Debian Bookworm, giving users the latest Debian stable base with a well polished OpenBox implementation. Check out all the info in this review!

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The Linux Crash Course – What are “snap” Packages?

Linux packaging has no shortage of controversy, and snap packages are no exception to that. But why are snap packages so controversial? What do they give us that standard packages don’t? In this video, Jay goes over the basics of snap packages.

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The Year of the Linux Desktop (Extended Directors Cut)

The Year of the Linux Desktop… A time where Linux has WON. As the dominant operating system, it’s completely extinguished its competitors. But is that a good thing?

In this video, Jay presents a special “extended edition” of the channel’s 2023 April Fools joke – complete with some restored scenes, bloopers, and more!

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 74 – Unlucky in Vegas

There’s a multitude of ways you can lose money in Las Vegas, but this time it’s not from gambling. In this episode, Jay and Joao will discuss a recent and still developing story where MGM was the target of what appears to be a ransomware attack.

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Automate Your Tasks with systemd Timers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Systemd is a powerful and complex init system for Linux servers, and some of its features can be a bit challenging to learn. In this video, Jay goes over systemd timers, a feature of systemd that’s often overlooked. You’ll learn how systemd timers are different from cron jobs, how to set them up, and more!

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