Learn tmux (Part 5) – How to Customize tmux and Make It Your Own!

If you want to increase your productivity with the Linux command line, tmux is definitely a great way to do just that! With tmux, you can manage your workflow with sessions, multitask with panes, and it also allows you to easily regain access to existing sessions when your SSH connection drops. In this five part series, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to use tmux daily! In this episode, we’ll customize tmux and make it our own!

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 71 – Internet DRM

In this episode, Jay and Joao talk about two recent news developments that may have important implications on the overall industry. First, In response to Microsoft’s recent Azure debacle, a US Senator calls for a probe to look into the matter. Second, our main story is yet another facepalm worthy idea from Google that aims to add “integrity” to our browsers, but it’s oddly lacking in said integrity and almost completely devoid of common sense. Google’s “Web Integrity Protection” seems to protect only their ad dollars while making browsing more tedious for the end-user. Will it pass? What is it exactly? Jay and Joao have all the answers in this episode!

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The Homelab Show Episode 106 – How to Audit your Homelab

If you have an awesome Homelab, you’ll definitely want to maintain it – but auditing may or may not be the first thing you think about. Whether you’re testing backups, VM templates, container automations or whatever it happens to be – auditing things in your Homelab can definitely prevent unintended surprises. In this episode, Jay and Tom share some thoughts about auditing your homelab.

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The “Nebula” PC Case from System76 is Here…But is it Worth It?

System76, a company known for making computers that are “born to run Linux” have released a new product, named “Nebula”, that allows you to build your own desktop computer that’s very similar to theirs! In this video, Jay has ordered TWO of these and has some thoughts to share with you.

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Unsung Heroes – SysAdmins are Recognized on System Administrator Appreciation Day

System Administrators keep your computers computing, your printers printing, your servers serving – all while keeping critical systems online. You may not always see them in action, but behind the scenes they route communications, deploy critical servers, and secure protected information. On System Administrator Appreciation Day, we recognize all of those brilliant individuals that manage the world’s infrastructure.

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The Homelab Show Episode 104 – Q & A

Another awesome episode of the podcast that’s focused on your questions! In this episode, Jay and Tom covers questions related to Red Hat, LXD, Ansible, and more!

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2023 Homelab Tour – TrueNAS, Proxmox, and More!

In this video, Jay shows off some of the services that run in his homelab! This time around, we’ll take a look at TrueNAS, Proxmox, and even get a sneak peak at the provisioning solution known internally as “NodeForge”. This is more of an introductory video, additional videos will be considered for diving into even more detail!

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