Kasm Workspaces Simplified: The Essential Guide for New Users

Kasm Workspaces, dubbed “the container streaming platform” enables you to run applications and even entire Linux distributions inside your web browser. This container-based solution can be self-hosted on your own hardware, and its feature set unlocks more potential for homelabs and enterprise alike. In this video, Jay will present an entire getting started guide for Kasm Workspaces, which will cover how to deploy it, manage individual workspaces, and more!

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Please note: This video is sponsored by Kasm, but it is NOT a review. This video is a tutorial for those that have already decided to deploy Kasm Workspaces. If you’d like Jay’s opinion on Kasm Workspaces as a product, check out this review which is NOT sponsored by Kasm.

Commands used in this video

Installing Kasm

The following commands were used in the video to install Kasm:

cd /tmp
curl -O https://kasm-static-content.s3.amazonaws.com/kasm_release_1.14.0.3a7abb.tar.gz
sudo bash kasm_release/install.sh

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