AlmaLinux ELevate – ELevate your distro to 8.x

AlmaLinux ELevate is a brand-new tool that makes it easy to move from RHEL 7.x and its derivatives, to any version 8.x related distribution of your choice (AlmaLinux, CentOS, Rocky Linux and etc). This tool is being developed with the open-source mindset at its core, and in this video, Jay chats with Jack from AlmaLinux about this awesome project.

Check out the ELevate project here.

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CentOS 8 End of Life – Are you Ready? My thoughts & Suggestions

CentOS 8 will reach its end of life very soon – after December 31st, there will be no more updates for the popular distribution. If you’re using CentOS 8 in your data center, it’s time to make a decision. In this video, I’ll go over my thoughts about the subject, as well as some possible options for how to proceed.

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Thank you to TuxCare for sponsoring today’s video. They have an awesome solution for extending CentOS 8 support through 2025.

Check out AlmaLinux OS
Check out Rocky Linux
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Special “SysAdmin Day” 2021 Panel Discussion

System Administrator Appreciation Day is a special day of recognition that occurs on the last Friday of July each year. SysAdmin Day is intended to bring recognition to all the hard work that System Administrators perform to keep our systems running. In this video, I discuss SysAdmin Day (as well as many other topics surrounding the line of work) with Joao Correia from CloudLinux, and Brian from Admin Magazine. This was an awesome discussion, so don’t miss out!

I had a chance to sit down with Joao Correia from CloudLinux and Brian Osborn from Admin Magazine to talk about System Administrators Appreciation Day, System Administration in general, and why we need to help our Admins feel more appreciated it.

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