CentOS 8 End of Life – Are you Ready? My thoughts & Suggestions

CentOS 8 will reach its end of life very soon – after December 31st, there will be no more updates for the popular distribution. If you’re using CentOS 8 in your data center, it’s time to make a decision. In this video, I’ll go over my thoughts about the subject, as well as some possible options for how to proceed.

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Thank you to TuxCare for sponsoring today’s video. They have an awesome solution for extending CentOS 8 support through 2025.

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Notable Replies

  1. It’s not really affecting us, because my Dad writes all his software portably and always has to target other things, too, like AIX; so he always had a variety for running text fixtures on.

  2. Avatar for jay jay says:

    If only cross-platform development was more common. I’ve never understood doing it any other way. It’s great he’s doing that.

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