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  1. I’ve been using Tilix for a good while and loving it, it’s just so nice and comfortable (and not sure why it’s considered heavy on the RAM?).

    However there seems to be a very recent bug as I just discovered when I opened the preference menu I was greeted with a popup linking to this site:

    Tilix: VTE Configuration

    What’s does it mean to “run command as a login shell” and what’s the difference between a regular shell?

  2. I just got around to watching this video. Alacritty used to be my main terminal emulator on my previous x86 PC running on a meager Celeron J3455, until I moved full time to the Raspberry Pi. Alacritty doesn’t work on it (crashes because it wants GLSL 3.30 and the Pi driver only has support for 1.10, 1.20, 1 ES and 3 ES.

    But I always liked tilling features in a terminal, so much so that I looked for a way to use it even on SSH. I found GNU Screen, which I already used for session management (so that my programs wouldn’t close because my SSH connectivity died), tmux, which I never tried, and then abduco + dvtm, which are programs made by the same person, but following the Unix philosophy. Both screen and tmux have tilling and session management, but abduco and dvtm do one thing and do it well. Abduco is just a pure session manager, and dvtm is a pure terminal multiplexer. And dvtm uses dwm-like tilling, one main panel on the left and all the others on the right, but you can add / move panels to the active side. I find dvtm to be very easy to use (thanks to the easy to read manual).

    On the Pi I used ST a lot, but then I changed from a 4K 49" TV with 200% scaling, to a 15.6" portable 1080p monitor with no scaling, so now I cannot read the font in ST and I don’t feel like making my own template to compile ST with a bigger font, so I switched to LXTerminal. I used QTerminal for a while, but I hated the tabs always showing up, I am using dvtm for a reason.

    I don’t care as much about the terminal emulator as much nowadays, as long as I can read the dang thing, but I couldn’t live without dvtm anymore, especially because sometimes my screen or terminal crashes (the later hasn’t happened in a while, but sway sometimes gets stuck and I have to kill it via SSH), so with abduco my session gets saved (unless I need to reboot). On the rare occasion I have to use Ubuntu (which nowadays never happens), I use screen and dvtm, because abduco is not in the main ubuntu repo.

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