The Homelab Show Episode 81: Building Lab Templates and Images

When building a new virtual or physical server, doing everything manually is a waste of time. With an image or template, you can have some of your recurring tasks already set up on the image – and then every instance you create from that template will have all of those tweaks already made. But how far should you go with this default setup? What are some of the caveats that you might run into? In this episode, Jay and Tom discuss creating server images/templates and the related shenanigans you may run into while doing so.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 48 – New Malware, Old Vulnerabilities

While it’s certainly never a good thing to become the victim of a cyber-attack, it can be even more embarrassing if the CVE the threat actor used to get a foothold into your systems was patched a long time ago. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss malware that’s currently taking advantage of vulnerabilities that were patched over a year ago! As important as software updates happen to be, why are so many organizations unable to keep up with them?

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The Homelab Show Episode 80 – The “Automation” Mindset

As most of us homelabbers are aware by now, automation is a very good thing – repeating (and sometimes tedious) tasks can be automated, allowing us to focus on things that are better uses of our time. But Automation itself seems to have its own mindset, especially when it comes to how you go about approaching some of the challenges. In this episode, Jay and Tom discuss the Automation Mindset.

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The Homelab Show Episode 78 – Changelog

There’s all kinds of software choices when it comes to your homelab, and in this episode, Jay and Tom discuss some recent releases of some of the platforms that are very common with homelabbers. This discussion includes some thoughts on the new release of Fedora, Proxmox, and more!

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The Homelab Show Episode 77 – /dev/random, Mastodon & More

There’s a lot to talk about in this episode! Topics include Mastodon and some information on what it is and how to set it up, as well as additional topics around owning your media. Definitely a can’t miss episode!

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