Enterprise Linux Security Episode 69 – Red Hat vs Enterprise IT

When it comes to Linux in the Enterprise, we have quite a few challenges we have to overcome on a day to day basis to ensure we can depend on our technology. We never thought Red Hat themselves would some day become our opponent, but here we are. In this episode, Jay and Joao will discuss discuss the latest impulsive and irresponsible decision Red Hat has made – as well as how that decision results in the company undermining security, stability, and trust. The very things that Enterprises (their customer-base) depend on!

The Homelab Show Episode 102: Red Hat & Why Open Source Is Hard

When it comes to Open Source, there’s always debates about various aspects of it – this isn’t new. But recently, a decision made by Red Hat has put a spotlight on this issue, perhaps a larger spotlight than any other time in recent memory. But it’s not just them – Open Source is sometimes a […]

The Homelab Show Episode 99 – Secondary Distro

What would you do if your daily driver distribution becomes something else entirely, and no longer fits your use-case? What would you do if your chosen distro all of a sudden went away? Although it seems unlikely, historically – this has happened. And given the fact that the Linux community is going to see a lot of changes in the near future with decisions from upstream distros – it’s never been a better time to choose a secondary distro (just in case).

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 65 – Open Source Intelligence Tools (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence is a very interesting topic – it’s all about the things that might get unknowingly leaked, and this leaked information is perfectly legal to know and possess! The IP address that points to a domain, vacation photos on twitter, or even what you had for lunch can be used against you in order to build a profile. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss OSINT and some tools that are commonly used to find it.

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 60 – AI Enhanced Security

When it comes to Enterprise IT (and especially the security sector) we have our work cut out for us. As the workload increases, we look for tools and utilities to help us keep up with the demand. But what about artificial intelligence? As we discussed in a previous episode, AI is here to stay and will be making waves in security. In this episode, Jay and Joao dive in to just a few of the ways this tech might transform the security field and those that work within it (directly or indirectly).