Enterprise Linux Security Episode 25 – News Roundup

In the 25th episode of Enterprise Linux Security, Jay and Joao catch up on a few things in the news, including the results of a recent Internet Crime Report, and more!

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 24 – The Latest on Lapsus$

The situation surrounding Lapsus$ is becoming more and more interesting, and in this episode of Enterprise Linux Security Jay and Joao discuss the latest developments regarding the group that has caused quite a ruckus recently.

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The Homelab Show Episode 50 – Giving Back

Organizations aren’t the only thing that benefits from open-source, we do too! In this episode of The Homelab Show, Tom and Jay discuss some of the ways you can contribute back to the projects you benefit from. You don’t need to know how to code in order to give back, as entry-level methods are discussed as well.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 22 – Certificates

Encryption is a great benefit to take advantage of, especially when it comes to hosting web sites. But how exactly do TLS certificates work? In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss foundational concepts surrounding certificates, as well as some advice and recommended practices.

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The Homelab Show Episode 48: /dev/random

In episode 48 of The Homelab Show, Jay and Tom discuss some homelab tips and picks that are sure to give you some inspiration for your own homelab. Many topics are discussed, such as ways to organize your devices, using external mounts for app data, and more!

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