Enterprise Linux Security Episode 70 – The Red Hat Saga Continues

The ongoing saga with Red Hat continues, and now that some time has passed since their controversial announcement, we now have statements from other distributions, including (but not limited to) Oracle and SUSE. In this episode, Jay and Joao talk about the recent developments on this story, and also touch on some trouble that Fortigate has been having nowadays.

Why Corporate Owned Linux Distributions are a Bad Idea

When it comes to Linux Distros, each are either managed by their community or by a company. With recent news, it becomes clearer than ever that those managed by a company should be avoided. With a recent history of being untrustworthy, Red Hat is on the list to steer clear of – but they’re not the only example. With histories of misleading claims (with some being downright lies) it’s time to leave corporate-owned Linux distributions behind. Here’s why.

The Homelab Show Episode 89 – Rocky Linux Interview

Rocky Linux is an enterprise Linux distribution that’s an attractive option for those that prefer CentOS as it used to be, before the recent change to CentOS Stream. In this episode of The Homelab Show, Jay and Tom discusses Rocky Linux with Gregory Kurtzer, who was the person that started the project.

AlmaLinux ELevate – ELevate your distro to 8.x

lmaLinux ELevate is a brand-new tool that makes it easy to move from RHEL 7.x and its derivatives, to any version 8.x related distribution of your choice (AlmaLinux, CentOS, Rocky Linux and etc). This tool is being developed with the open-source mindset at its core, and in this video, Jay chats with Jack from AlmaLinux about this awesome project.

CentOS 8 End of Life – Are you Ready? My thoughts & Suggestions

CentOS 8 will reach its end of life very soon – after December 31st, there will be no more updates for the popular distribution. If you’re using CentOS 8 in your data center, it’s time to make a decision. In this video, I’ll go over my thoughts about the subject, as well as some possible options for how to proceed.

Behind the Distro – Benny Vasquez, AlmaLinux OS Chair of the Board

I recently had a chance to chat with Benny Vasquez, who was recently named the Chair of the Board of Directors for AlmaLinux OS. In this conversation, we chat about some of the things that led to the creation of AlmaLinux itself, the community-focused and inclusive nature of the project, the new board position, and more!