Ubuntu 23.04 Full Review – An Attempt was Made

Ubuntu 23.04, codenamed the “Lunar Lobster” is here, and along with it comes Linux kernel 6.2 and GNOME 44. While it’s certainly nice to be able to check out the latest GNOME desktop, this release instead ends up being a good example of why non-LTS Ubuntu releases should generally be avoided.

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Notable Replies

  1. I have to say that as much as I liked Ubuntu 22.10. I dislike Ubuntu 23.04. It was disappointing on such a level, that I went back to version 22.04 LTS. I have two issues with it.

    • The New installer has issues which need to be solved before putting it into a release. Besides the issues Jay mentions in the video. I always choose manual partitioning, in which I format my (btrfs) root partition, and mount my (btrfs) home partition to /home. After the reboot the home partition was not properly mounted and it basically was a big mess. When use the legacy installer, I had no issues.
    • Crashes and freezes in Gnome. I often had freezes (or even crashes) when using the Gnome desktop interface. Especially when using Google Chrome or Visual Studio Code. I accepted this in the beta period, but the issues were not solved and still are there in the release (even with a clean install). This issue made me go back to 22.04 LTS version, which is working fine.

    Too bad. I really liked Ubuntu 22.10, but I have to skip Ubuntu 23.04.

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