The Raspberry Pi Pironman Case – There’s a Status Display!

Here’s an interesting Raspberry Pi contraption – a case for your Pi that includes an OLED status display on the front! The “Pironman” from Sunfounder definitely stands out from most of the other Pi cases out there, but is it worth considering? In this review, Jay will give you his thoughts. Plus, you’ll see an overview of the build process as well.

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Commands Used in this Video

Update the /boot/config.txt file

Open the /boot/config.txt file in an editor:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Add the following to the end of the file:


Save the file (CTRL+O), and then exit the editor (CTRL+X).

Installing the “pironman” Module

To activate the special features of this case, you’ll need to download case-specific software from the vendor and install it.

To download the repository:

git clone

Switch to the pironman directory:

cd ~/pironman

Install the software:

sudo python3

At this point, you should reboot your Raspberry Pi and the Pironman’s features should now be active.

Disabling Automatic Display Sleep

If you’d prefer the screen not power down, you can run the following command to configure it to always remain powered on:

pironman --always_on on

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