The Homelab Show Episode 68 – Documentation Tools and Management

Documentation is extremely important, and can really come in handy – but where should you store your notes? In this episode, Jay and Tom discuss some of the possibilities for keeping track of and storing documentation.

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Notable Replies

  1. Great episode, I’m really enjoyed this co-lab between @jay and @lawrencesystems. Just wanted to let you know something that is totally different from what was mentioned, but has become my personal wiki/notes solution.

    Docsify ( in fact the site is a docsify managed site.

    • It is a series of javascript files that you link in an index.html file.
    • You can use themes, and add functionality like a search box, by adding additional javascript files.
    • All the other files are simply markdown files that you create in the same directory as the index.html.
    • Then you can either rsync the files to a server that is just running a web server, and those pages will be served like a static site.

    One bonus that I have is a “” script that first calls a python script that my son wrote to auto-generate the “sidebar” file (basically the menu on the lefthand side) so that every time I add a new file it will add it to the sidebar file for me. Another feature of that python script is that it will look for some yaml code at the beginning of the markdown file so that I can add a category at the head of my notes file to give my sidebar even more organization. After the python script runs, all the files are rsynced to a subfolder of /var/www/html/docs and then when I navigate to my server ip address/docs there are all of my notes themed and searchable.

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