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  1. My guess is, by point release 1 or 2 they’ll be up to 42 on Gnome. To be honest, I beta test the LTS releases, but I rarely, if ever, put on a new LTS before the first point release is out. If FF is an issue, uninstall the snap and use the FF PPA. That solves the update issue rather easily.

    I was definitely interested in ZFS for the server, and will be keen to see how that plays out.

    But I agree with Jay. After using Ubuntu since the 5.x says, and having 2yrs between LTS releases, these little things should not be happening.

    Regarding Debian, its a great OS. However, if you’re sporting the latest and greatest HW, it’s not the right choice. Its rock solid, and a true work station distro though. If you dont need bells and whistles and need it to work, Debian is a solid choice.

  2. I would second the Debian choice, especially like you said if you are not using the latest hardware. I have been running Debian on a web app server for our work intranet, and I appreciate just letting it do its thing with few packages needing to update each week. On a few of my workstations where I just want to sit down and get work done, I have MX Linux which is built on top of Debian Stable, and fixes a number of things you would want to do if running Debian Stable as a desktop like the latest Firefox, enabled Flatpaks, and easy installation of popular software from their GUI app installer. I sit or stand (in the case of my standing desk at work) in front of those machines and just get work done.

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