The Homelab Show Episode 53: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Ubuntu 22.04 is the latest LTS release from Canonical, and is due for release very soon. In this episode, Jay and Tom discuss the new release, and some of the inconsistencies that will come with it.

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Notable Replies

  1. My guess is, by point release 1 or 2 they’ll be up to 42 on Gnome. To be honest, I beta test the LTS releases, but I rarely, if ever, put on a new LTS before the first point release is out. If FF is an issue, uninstall the snap and use the FF PPA. That solves the update issue rather easily.

    I was definitely interested in ZFS for the server, and will be keen to see how that plays out.

    But I agree with Jay. After using Ubuntu since the 5.x says, and having 2yrs between LTS releases, these little things should not be happening.

    Regarding Debian, its a great OS. However, if you’re sporting the latest and greatest HW, it’s not the right choice. Its rock solid, and a true work station distro though. If you dont need bells and whistles and need it to work, Debian is a solid choice.

  2. I would second the Debian choice, especially like you said if you are not using the latest hardware. I have been running Debian on a web app server for our work intranet, and I appreciate just letting it do its thing with few packages needing to update each week. On a few of my workstations where I just want to sit down and get work done, I have MX Linux which is built on top of Debian Stable, and fixes a number of things you would want to do if running Debian Stable as a desktop like the latest Firefox, enabled Flatpaks, and easy installation of popular software from their GUI app installer. I sit or stand (in the case of my standing desk at work) in front of those machines and just get work done.

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