The Homelab Show Episode 21 – Synology

Check out episode #21 of the Homelab Show podcast! This time around, the focus is on Synology. Tom Lawrence and I will talk about the features we love the most, and all sorts of things Synology-related. Don’t miss it!

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Notable Replies

  1. I just want to second the notion that a Synology NAS is a very good start for a homelab or a nerd’s home network:

    1. For many standard things it just works and has pretty intuitive GUIs.
    2. It can use something called Synology Hybrid Raid. With SHR, you can use different size drives and replace existing drives with larger drives as your needs grow.
    3. BTFS is a decent filesystem for most users.
    4. It can be scrubbed to reduce bit rot.

    However, it is not perfect:

    1. Synology provides a thin layer over standard Linux and Linux tools. So, once you get past the GUI, everything does not always work exactly as expected. Rather than google for ‘NFS’, I have found it most helpful to google for ‘Synology NFS.’ Others have often stumbled across those same quirks.
    2. It is a little pricer than a similar powered DIY build.
    3. Synology steers you towards their ecosystem. Things such as non-Synology USB dongles tend to be disabled.

    Over all, it is a good place to start if you can live with the limitations.

  2. JAY!!! I’m putting this comment on this Homelab Show thread because I can’t find one on episode 25 about GIT. But after watching that episode I wanted to express interest in watching something on gitea. I have set up a git server using ssh with a git user to a remote repository as in this article. But if gitea is any easier to use I would love to learn about it. Please tell me more.

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