Testing the new Arch Linux Guided Installer

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  1. @jay nice little video walk through of a useful tool, I didn’t know existed.

    The only “Arch” install I have done was with Endeavour OS when it first released. I didn’t spend a lot of time in it because I don’t have strong reasons for wanting to run Arch on one of my Linux boxes.

    My son who enjoys coding on Linux, mostly works on MX Linux, but has used Endeavour in the past to try out the latest and greatest development tools like code completion tools or the latest vim.

    This Python script makes it almost as easy as Endeavour to get a vanilla Arch installed. I plan on sharing this with my developer son. Thanks for finding and demonstrating this tool on your channel.

  2. I have tested the guided install for Arch Linux. It only works when you are on UEFI not on regular MBR.
    Since my laptop does not have UEFI, it never work for me.

  3. @jay Nice video presentation. I downloaded the Arch 2021.05.01 ISO, then booted up on a USB stick of the bootable OS using Balena Etcher, then ran the tty installer to install the system on a 120 GB external USB. I elected the KDE desktop. Everything installed as advertised and the system is running great.

    Are the AUR helpers supported in Arch? I tried installing yay or paru tonight, but after cloning the github project for both and attempting to install, I can’t seem to get it to work and cannot install either. Any advice on how this is best accomplished.

    I’m glad to see that Arch finally has a installer, albeit a tty installer. The last time I installed Arch from scratch, it took about 3 hours of tedious work.

  4. I don’t want to go to the hard way of doing Arch Linux, so I install Manjaro KDE instead. A much easier way to do Arch Linux. It works with the AUR as well. I did install yay in Manjaro, and also I install Octopi. A Synaptic package manager type package installer for Arch Linux.

  5. Avatar for jay jay says:

    How old is your laptop? What model is it?

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