Sysadmins are Super Heroes! (System Administrator Appreciation Day 2022)

System Administrators keep our servers running, and they do this so well that you might not even be aware that there were ever problems that needed solving. On System Administrator Appreciation Day, we celebrate the people out there that spend countless hours installing patches, resetting passwords, monitoring reliability, saving their companies from the latest cyber threats, and more! In this video, Jay LaCroix from LearnLinuxTV, Joao Correia from Tuxcare, and Brian Osborn from ADMIN Magazine have a discussion about Sysadmin Day, and why Sysadmins are heroes!

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Special “SysAdmin Day” 2021 Panel Discussion

System Administrator Appreciation Day is a special day of recognition that occurs on the last Friday of July each year. SysAdmin Day is intended to bring recognition to all the hard work that System Administrators perform to keep our systems running. In this video, I discuss SysAdmin Day (as well as many other topics surrounding the line of work) with Joao Correia from CloudLinux, and Brian from Admin Magazine. This was an awesome discussion, so don’t miss out!

I had a chance to sit down with Joao Correia from CloudLinux and Brian Osborn from Admin Magazine to talk about System Administrators Appreciation Day, System Administration in general, and why we need to help our Admins feel more appreciated it.

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