The Homelab Show Episode 49 – Do You need VPN?

VPNs are heavily advertised, and some of them even claim to offer full protection. But do they? In this episode, Jay and Tom discuss VPN myths, best practices, and more. This will help you make an informed decision as far as whether or not a VPN is beneficial for your use-case, or perhaps not as much as you might be led to believe.

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The Homelab Show Episode 41 – Network Segmentation

Networking is often a difficult subject for newcomers, as some of the concepts are not always the easiest to explain. Since networking is an important element of homelab, it’s definitely something you’ll want to focus on. Network segmentation in particular can give you a foundation on which to build better security rules, but how do you implement it? What’s the actual benefit of segmentation? In this episode, Jay and Tom discuss some foundational concepts around network segmentation specific to homelab.

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Building a Low Energy Virtualization Server for Your Office/Homelab with Proxmox

Following up on my low-energy FreeNAS build, here’s another server build – this time for virtualization. In this video, you’ll see the process of building a low-energy Proxmox server, and just like the last build – this one uses only around 55 watts!

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