SCaLE 19x – Debian, Linux Chix LA, and Jenkins!

LearnLinuxTV was present at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) this year (courtesy of Linode) and what a fantastic event it was! In the final video regarding the 19th annual SCaLE, you’ll see interviews with representatives from Debian, Linux Chix LA, and Jenkins. Look out for even more SCaLE action next year!

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SCaLE 19x: The openSUSE Edition

Learn Linux TV’s coverage of SCaLE 19x continues with this episode. This time around, Jay recounts more of the event itself. In addition, Jay has a discussion with Drew Adams regarding openSUSE. Drew and Jay talk about what sets openSUSE apart from other distributions, and many of the things that make it an exciting distribution.

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SCaLE 19x – Canonical, AREDN, and System76

SCaLE 19x was so much fun! In the second video in a series that will cover this year’s event, I’ll play back conversations I’ve had with three really awesome people: Monica Ayhens-Madon (Community Representative at Canonical), Tim Wilkinson (Technologist and Contributor for AREDN), and Adam Balla (Content Producer for System76). These individuals are very passionate about their projects, and the conversations we had were a lot of fun. Check it out! (And there’s definitely more to come).

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