Essential First Steps for Every New Linux Server Build

In this video for new Linux users, Jay covers the essential first tweaks that should made to every new Linux server build. Although these first tweaks may seem a bit “basic”, don’t underestimate their importance! A little preparation goes a long way.

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Linux Crash Course – Connecting to Linux Servers via SSH

With the Linux Crash Course series, we’ll go over one important Linux-related topic – one video at a time. This time around, here’s a video for those of you that are brand-new to Linux that will cover how to connect to a Linux server via the OpenSSH client.

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CrowdSec Console First Look – A Free and Awesome Security Dashboard for Linux Servers

CrowdSec is an Intrusion Prevention System that does things a bit differently than other IPS solutions. It’s collaborative, and open-source. CrowdSec has been featured on LearnLinuxTV a few times in the past, but in this video we’ll explore the CrowdSec Console, which allows you to monitor the security events of your Linux servers from an impressive web dashboard. In this video, we’ll get an overview and see it in action!

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Note: This is not a review, but an overview of a security solution that Learn Linux TV is actually using in real-life.

Building your own Git Server with Gitea on AlmaLinux

Gitea is a self-hosted git server you can run on your Linux rig, enabling you to be in full control of hosting your own repositories. In this video, the process of setting up Gitea is shown on an AlmaLinux server. You’ll see the process of setting up the server, installing Gitea, and even making your first commit to a repository that’s being hosted on your new server.

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Continue reading for an overview of the commands that were used in this video.

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