The Homelab Show Episode 109 – Taking Notes

In this episode, Jay and Tom discuss several note taking apps that might be a good fit for homelabbers. This discussion will include Joplin, Obsidian, and more!

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The Homelab Show Episode 107 – Ansible Semaphore

If you want to check out an awesome web frontend to Ansible, then Ansible Semaphore is a great way to go. It’s easy to set up and use, and has awesome features such as logging, delegation, managing multiple projects, and more. With Semaphore, you can run Ansible playbooks with ease – and it’s exactly what Jay and Tom will discuss in this episode.

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The Homelab Show Episode 106 – How to Audit your Homelab

If you have an awesome Homelab, you’ll definitely want to maintain it – but auditing may or may not be the first thing you think about. Whether you’re testing backups, VM templates, container automations or whatever it happens to be – auditing things in your Homelab can definitely prevent unintended surprises. In this episode, Jay and Tom share some thoughts about auditing your homelab.

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The Homelab Show Episode 104 – Q & A

Another awesome episode of the podcast that’s focused on your questions! In this episode, Jay and Tom covers questions related to Red Hat, LXD, Ansible, and more!

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2023 Homelab Tour – TrueNAS, Proxmox, and More!

In this video, Jay shows off some of the services that run in his homelab! This time around, we’ll take a look at TrueNAS, Proxmox, and even get a sneak peak at the provisioning solution known internally as “NodeForge”. This is more of an introductory video, additional videos will be considered for diving into even more detail!

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