Enterprise Linux Security Episode 48 – New Malware, Old Vulnerabilities

While it’s certainly never a good thing to become the victim of a cyber-attack, it can be even more embarrassing if the CVE the threat actor used to get a foothold into your systems was patched a long time ago. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss malware that’s currently taking advantage of vulnerabilities that were patched over a year ago! As important as software updates happen to be, why are so many organizations unable to keep up with them?

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 38 – De-anonymizing Ransomware Domains

When Ransomware attacks begin spreading, how would officials go about finding the source? Most of the time, finding the culprit(s) behind cyber-attacks is a very challenging task. In this episode of Enterprise Linux Security, Joao and Jay discuss some methods that were recently used to de-anonymize ransomware domains.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 26 – The State of Enterprise Linux Security management

We talk a lot about patching on this podcast, and the reason for that is because a lot of organizations don’t seem to handle this important aspect of security very well. A recent patching report from the Ponemon institute seems to reflect this, and the stats regarding patching definitely don’t look good. In this episode of Enterprise Linux Security, Jay and Joao discuss some of the findings within this report.

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Awesome Linux Tools: Lynis from CISOfy

In this episode of Awesome Linux Tools, the spotlight is on Lynis – a really awesome utility you can use to get a better understanding of the overall security hygiene of your server. In this video, Jay will show you how to install it, and also how to run an audit.

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