Enterprise Linux Security Episode 66 – Job Security

In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss another form of security, job security! Throughout the series, we’ve advised and educated on enhancing the security of your enterprise network, but in this episode the focus is on YOU. Specifically, how to safeguard yourself from turnover, raise awareness of your importance to your organization, and how to navigate potential “awkward” conversations that System Administrators may find themselves having with their boss. Don’t miss this episode!

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 62 – Operation: Cookie Monster

A multi-national effort took down a leading market for ill-gotten credentials, resulting in well over 100 arrests. This initiative was dubbed “Operation: Cookie Monster”, and while that certainly sounds like satire – it’s totally not. Genesis, the marketplace in question, was seized by a law enforcement team consisting of personnel from multiple countries. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss this story. But not only that, what are some of the ramifications of this? Could this have lasting impacts on the industry in general? Definitely don’t miss this episode!

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 56 – Undercover Crypto Leaking

Ransomware is one of the absolute worst things that can happen to your organization, often resulting in weeks of downtime. We discussed Ransomware recently, and now we have an interesting and time-appropriate story – a popular ransomware group apparently had an imposter within their ranks.

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 43 – Grand Theft Data

In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss a handful of cybersecurity events in the news. While none of these stories are super exciting from a technical standpoint, there’s definitely some lessons to be learned. As part of this discussion, Jay and Joao will talk about topics related to the recent Grand Theft Auto leak, as breaches that targeted Uber, 2k games, and more.

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 28 – Second Factor Authentication

Through the course of the podcast so far, Jay and Joao have discussed foundational topics, as well as news and current trends. In this episode, second factor authentication is discussed. This foundational episode will go over what it is, why you should use it, and also some of the things that can potentially weaken its benefit.

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 23 – Busting 5 IT Security Myths

Cyber security is a huge topic, and through the years the industry changes rapidly to keep up with current threats and related challenges. As a result, some of the beliefs and mindsets we’ve adopted in the industry have changed as well. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss 5 myths in the security industry that either need to be adjusted, or downright debunked.

Enterprise Linux Security Episode 22 – Certificates

Encryption is a great benefit to take advantage of, especially when it comes to hosting web sites. But how exactly do TLS certificates work? In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss foundational concepts surrounding certificates, as well as some advice and recommended practices.