CrowdSec 1.5 Gains New Features – Exploring Block Lists, Post Exploitation Behavior & More!

CrowdSec is a service that aims to enhance the security of your Linux server – which it does in a very interesting way. Leveraging the power of the very “crowd” it serves, CrowSec is able to build intelligence that benefits every server that has it installed. This service has been discussed on the channel before, but in this tutorial you’ll see some of the new features as of CrowdSec 1.5.

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CrowdSec Console First Look – A Free and Awesome Security Dashboard for Linux Servers

CrowdSec is an Intrusion Prevention System that does things a bit differently than other IPS solutions. It’s collaborative, and open-source. CrowdSec has been featured on LearnLinuxTV a few times in the past, but in this video we’ll explore the CrowdSec Console, which allows you to monitor the security events of your Linux servers from an impressive web dashboard. In this video, we’ll get an overview and see it in action!

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Note: This is not a review, but an overview of a security solution that Learn Linux TV is actually using in real-life.

The Homelab Show Episode 47 – CrowdSec & Using Open Source Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence solutions are often very expensive, and some of these are way too pricey to even be a consideration for homelabs. In this video, Tom and Jay discuss CrowdSec. CrowdSec is a free an easy to install security solution that can enable you to quickly benefit from threat intelligence to help protect your servers.

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 11 – CrowdSec

CrowdSec is a free application you can run on your Linux server, which provides an additional layer of security. CrowdSec aims to prevent intrusions and other forms of malicious activity, but it does it in a different way – it utilizes intelligence gathered from other users in order to enhance its protection. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss CrowdSec with Philippe Humeau, the CEO of the project.

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Boosting your Linux Server Security with CrowdSec

CrowdSec is a cutting-edge security solution for your Linux servers. As an intrusion prevention system, its goal is to stop unauthorized access and prevent attacks. But unlike other IPS solutions, it does it a different way – by using knowledge as power. CrowdSec was covered on this channel before, but in this video, you’ll see an updated look complete with an overview of how to set up protection for WordPress as well.

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Taking a look at CrowdSec: Installation & Example Scenario

CrowdSec is a solution that aims to help protect your Linux servers, and its approach is quite different than other solutions. CrowdSec is able to utilize reputation to make intelligent decisions, and is able to be extended to meet your needs. In this video, I take a first look at CrowdSec – I’ll show you the installation process and also an example scenario so you can see it in action.

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