Getting started with LXD Containerization

LXD is a next generation container manager that provides additional features that are similar to virtual machines, such as snapshots, storage pools, and more. Using Linux containers (LXC) as the container type, LXD gives you the best of two worlds. In this video, I’ll go over the basics of LXD. You’ll learn how to set it up and launch containers. For this particular video, we’ll focus on LXC commands – but a follow-up that dives more into LXD’s more advanced features is a possibility if there’s enough interest.

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Running Containers in the cloud with the Linode Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes is a very powerful platform to scale your applications, as the lower resource usage of containers can give you greater efficiency. The Linode Kubernetes Engine allows you to easily deploy containers in the cloud, eliminating the need for you to maintain your own hardware for your Kubernetes stack. In this video, we’ll explore the Linode Kubernetes Engine, and walk through an example of not only deploying a pod, but also setting up persistent storage as well.

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