Enterprise Linux Security Episode 58 – Tales from the Red Team

Tasks that penetration testers and security analysis perform in order to expose security weaknesses may seem like a mysterious and complicated art. Most of the time, these tasks are considered “secret sauce” and unless you work for a red team, you may not be aware of what it may look like while someone attempts to gain access from the outside. In this episode, Jay and Joao discuss a report released by CISA, that provides a very detailed account at what goes into this type of work. This report is definitely a must-read, and this episode is a must-listen!

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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 8 – Trojan Source, & CISA’s Directive

Recently, some interesting security news has occurred, and two specific developments are the main discussion in this episode. Trojan Source is a newly discovered tactic that can be used to hide malicious code and execute something completely unexpected, even when the source code appears to be syntactically correct. In addition, CISA recently mandated a large number of CVE’s to be patched in the very near future, which will likely have ramifications even outside of the United States. Also, Jay and Joao also discuss the recently released Fedora 35, which is a distribution that has a large presence on the workstations that administrators use.

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