Proxmox VE – How to build an Ubuntu 22.04 Template (Updated Method)

Proxmox Virtual Environment is a powerful and easy to use virtualization platform with many features. Virtual machine templates help to minimize the amount of time spent building new instances, and in this video we’ll take a look at how you can utilize Ubuntu’s cloud images to automate the process of deploying new Linux instances.

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Commands used in this video

Add a serial console to the reference VM

qm set <VM ID> --serial0 socket --vga serial0

Change the file extension of the image to .qcow2

mv ubuntu-22.04-minimal-cloudimg-amd64.img ubuntu-22.04.qcow2

Resize the downloaded cloud image

qemu-img resize ubuntu-22.04.qcow2 32G

Import the cloud image into Proxmox

qm importdisk 900 ubuntu-22.04.qcow2 local-lvm

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