How to fix Ubuntu 16.04’s Network Resume Bug

In this video, I detail a fix to help you tame Ubuntu’s Wi-Fi issues. The symptoms of this issue include Wi-Fi not automatically reconnecting after resume, as well as wireless networks not showing up after resume. Hopefully this works for you.

Review – Ghost Blade HD

I just uploaded my first ever Linux game review. Check it out! Although my Youtube channel is targeted primarily toward learning Linux skills and reviewing distributions, checking out some games may be something I’ll do from time to time. After-all, it’s always important to have a little leisure time for yourself, and Linux gaming is definitely a big topic nowadays.

Fedora Workstation 25 Installation Walkthrough & Tutorial

If you’re interested in installing Fedora Workstation 25, check out my latest tutorial. I’ll show you the entire installation process for this amazing distribution. Fedora Workstation 25 is a great release, and you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Review – Fedora Workstation 25

Is the latest release from Fedora a gem or a flop? Check out my latest review to see whether or not Fedora Workstation 25 is worth your time.

Brand-New Course

Check out Jay’s new course on Ansible and start automating today!

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