Linux Crash Course – nano (command-line text editor)

When you’re working with Linux servers, you may or may not always have access to a GUI, which is why it’s important to learn at least one command-line text editor. In this video, we’ll explore the core fundamentals of nano. nano is a text editor that’s among the easiest to learn.

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Notable Replies

  1. Wait; there’s other editors besides Emacs?? :open_mouth:

  2. Wait; there’s other editors besides Emacs??


    For me, I just need a simple and fast text editor, so nano is quite perfect. Together with shellcheck, it’s all I need to write small scripts and maintain configs for myself, friends and family. :wink:

    I actually tested micro at some point, but I found that nano’s syntax highlighting were much better, so I stayed with that.

  3. I’ve been trying to get into vim lately but the learning curve is just horrible. I’ve tried emacs in the past too but I quit after only a few days for the same reason.

    Nano is a tool that it does what is says it does, and it does it really well. I don’t want fancy tricks or anything, just edit some file. I will continue to learn, taking my time of course, but I’m seriously doubting that this is time well spent :thinking: Although I do enjoy being able to do cool little tricks in a couple of keystrokes.

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