Linux Crash Course – Cron

As Linux server administrators, we need to be able to schedule tasks to run at some point in the future. Perhaps as a one-off command, or a job that’s expected to repeat on some sort of schedule. And that’s exactly what Cron helps us to do – by setting up a Crontab, we can schedule tasks to run at some point in the future.

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Notable Replies

  1. Is it just me or the video was playing faster than usual? In any case I really like this format to move things along quicker, while still being extremely informative. I did learn today about the @ flags, and I will surely put them to use. Are there any other ones that you find useful?

  2. Personally, I prefer it when things move right along. I can always pause or rewind if I miss something.

    I like to read the man page while the videos like these play. I often find the man pages to be too dense to be useful on their own. The man page make a lot more sense (to me) while watching/listening to a good explainer video.

  3. Agreed, I’ve found myself checking the man pages to learn about the meaning of flags or in which order to enter the arguments for a particular command. I read somewhere that documentation is meant to be consulted and not read like a book; couldn’t agree more with that.

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