Linux Command-Line Tips & Tricks: Over 15 Examples!

The number of command combinations you can come up with on the Linux command-line is seemingly endless, and there are some real gems out there that you might not know about. In this video, Jay goes over some of his favorite command combos, time-saving tricks, and other various tips he wish he learned sooner. In this video, you’ll find all kinds of things to add to your command-line toolbox.

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Notable Replies

  1. Jay, if you’re collecting stuff for the next 15, here’s one I had to do today.

    I ran nmap, it crashed and my terminal input wasn’t being echoed (no idea why). I could type all I wanted, nothing showed up on the screen, but commands were being executed, just no echo like ‘enter your password’ mode.

    ‘stty sane’ to the rescue. I’ve always used this when I, say, accidentally cat a binary or something that sends the terminal to crazy land, and it worked here, too, even though I couldn’t see it.

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