Fedora 35 – Full Review

Fedora 35 was released on November 2nd of 2021, and brings with it the latest GNOME experience and various tweaks and improvements. Could this be the best GNOME desktop of 2021 so far? In this review, we’ll take a look at it and see how it stacks up.

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Notable Replies

  1. I still have to wait for Arch Linux community to release GNOME 41 to the official Arch Linux repository so I can upgrade from GNOME 40.

    The last thing I want to do is to distro-hop to Fedora 35. I have OBS Studio, MuSE Sequencer (MIDI-first editor/sequencer), Ardour (audio-first Digital Audio Workstation), Hydrogen, Calf Rack (suite of plugins such as EQ, compressor, limiter), and a couple of proprietary software such as Cisco Packet Tracer (for passing my CCNA exam), Webex, and Zoom. It’s unfortunate that Cisco only releases packages for Debian/Ubuntu when it comes to Linux. Plus, I do use Virt-Manager in my desktop for managing virtual machines. I will have to download Fedora 35 and test it in a virtual machine.

    I really want to try out Fedora 35, but in order to test the zoom magnifier, I will need to do that in a physical hardware. Besides, even with OpenGL enabled for VirtIO, the magnifier will be sluggish inside a KVM virtual machine as it requires GPU acceleration. And even if I wipe out Arch Linux and install Fedora 35, I still prefer the rolling release of Arch Linux over Fedora.

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